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  The only creature that should be sleeping in your bed is you.

  No time is the right time for a pest invasion, whether its your home, or someone else's. Bedbugs are especially insidious in your home, hotels and even Airbnbs, but fruit flies, roaches and mice can also become huge problems if you're not vigilant. If little creepy-crawlies are your least favorite kind of visitor, here are some tips to keep your home pest-free, the all-natural way.

  The very thought of this bug makes my skill crawl. Once you get bedbugs, they are super hard to get rid of. The best way to keep bedbugs at bay is to never go anywhere and to never let furniture come into your home. But since that's not very practical, there are other ways you can prevent infestation:

  Wash your fruit as soon as you get it home to prevent fruit flies.

  Fruit flies hitch a ride on sweet, juicy fruit and tend to stick around. You may not see them, but some of the produce you buy has fruit fly eggs on them that hatch when you get home (gross, right?).

  This is why it's important to wash your produce as soon as you bring it in the door. A simple mixture of water and baking soda will not only remove eggs, but it will also remove pesticides. Just fill your kitchen sink with water and sprinkle some baking soda in it. Let the produce sit in the mixture for 8 minutes.

  More than likely, though, the fruit flies come into your home when a door or window is open. The key is to eat or freeze fruit before it starts to ferment, because that's what attracts the flies inside.

  If fruit flies are already a problem, there's an easy all-natural trap you can make to catch them. Pour apple cider vinegar into a glass, and secure a square of plastic wrap over the opening with a rubber band. Then, poke a small hole into the plastic wrap. The flies will be attracted to the scent, go through the hole, and will be trapped underneath the plastic wrap.

  Bay leaves can be the key to keep roaches away.

  If you live in apartments or close to other homes, you've probably dealt with cockroaches at one time or another. You probably also already know that keeping your house clean and putting away food is the best way to keep the bugs out of your home. That doesn't always stop them, though. Sometimes roaches invade homes in search of water.

  I hate chemical sprays. They give me a headache, so I like to use something a little more natural. The only thing I've found that can truly keep a home roach-free, even during the dry season, is bay leaves. Yep, those whole leaves you can find in the herb section of the grocery store. Just place a couple leaves behind bookcases, in cabinets, behind appliances and under the sinks. For some reason, roaches hate bay leaves.

  Though my cats love it when mice come for a visit, I don't. The best way to keep out mice is to seal cracks and holes in walls and floors. Mice will use even tiny holes as their own personal point of entry. Don't think you have any holes? Check around pipes under sinks, behind your washer and dryer, around areas where gas pipes enter the home, and in the garage, to be sure.

  Also, take the trash out daily and keep food in the fridge or in sealed containers. This will make your home smell less attractive to rodents.



  体彩任选二开奖结果【花】【哨】【其】【实】【很】【清】【楚】,【这】【个】【世】【界】【肯】【定】【还】【有】【其】【他】【人】。 【因】【为】【若】【是】【任】【务】【者】【都】【死】【了】,【她】【现】【在】【应】【该】【出】【现】【在】【完】【本】【审】【核】【区】,【而】【不】【是】【靠】【在】【季】【正】【卿】【怀】【里】。 【但】【是】【在】【你】【怀】【里】【的】【每】【一】【分】【每】【一】【秒】【都】【太】【有】【诱】【惑】【力】【了】,【不】【想】【也】【不】【愿】【打】【破】。 【季】【正】【卿】【出】【去】【之】【前】【把】【猩】【红】【魔】【方】【留】【给】【了】【她】。 【这】【东】【西】【对】【脊】【蛊】【虫】【的】【猩】【红】【素】【特】【别】【敏】【感】,【也】【有】【定】【位】【功】【能】,【出】【了】【事】【季】

  【赵】【楚】【然】【刚】【进】【屋】,【一】【个】【手】【机】【飞】【到】【他】【的】【脚】【边】。 【赵】【楚】【然】【见】【此】,【微】【微】【撵】【眉】,【俯】【腰】【捡】【起】【手】【机】,【看】【了】【一】【眼】,【四】【分】【五】【裂】,【终】【于】【被】【她】【砸】【坏】【了】。 【赵】【楚】【然】【拿】【着】【手】【机】,【走】【到】【客】【厅】,【看】【着】【脸】【色】【铁】【青】【地】【楚】【清】【问】【道】:“【怎】【么】【了】?” 【楚】【清】【恶】【狠】【狠】【地】【瞪】【了】【赵】【楚】【然】【一】【眼】,【顿】【了】【顿】,【霍】【的】【一】【下】【站】【起】【身】【来】,【杀】【到】【赵】【楚】【然】【身】【边】,【拽】【着】【他】【的】【手】【就】【往】【外】【走】,“

  【薛】【娇】【儿】【第】【二】【日】【起】【了】【个】【大】【早】。 “【把】【前】【些】【日】【子】【老】【夫】【人】【赏】【的】【那】【只】【金】【钗】【给】【我】【拿】【过】【来】。”【薛】【娇】【儿】【在】【首】【饰】【匣】【中】【挑】【挑】【拣】【拣】【了】【半】【天】,【也】【不】【甚】【满】【意】。 “【姨】【娘】,【咱】【们】【不】【便】【太】【过】【铺】【张】【了】【吧】。”【小】【莲】【将】【金】【钗】【递】【给】【她】,【有】【几】【分】【担】【忧】【的】【说】【道】。 【薛】【娇】【儿】【将】【金】【钗】【插】【入】【发】【间】,【不】【甚】【在】【意】【的】【说】【道】:“【如】【今】【暮】【合】【院】【那】【边】【的】【算】【是】【失】【了】【势】【了】,【另】【外】【那】【个】【不】【过】

  【何】【雯】【有】【着】【和】【何】【武】【非】【常】【相】【像】【的】【五】【官】【轮】【廓】,【举】【止】【谈】【吐】【也】【很】【大】【方】。【在】【做】【了】【自】【我】【介】【绍】【之】【后】【她】【朝】【沈】【慕】【诗】【伸】【出】【手】:“【你】【好】,【我】【叫】【何】【雯】,【可】【以】【进】【来】【跟】【你】【说】【话】【吗】?” 【这】【是】【一】【个】【年】【纪】【在】【四】【十】【出】【头】【的】【女】【人】,【没】【有】【过】【多】【的】【名】【牌】【傍】【身】,【也】【没】【有】【咄】【咄】【逼】【人】【的】【气】【势】,【简】【单】【的】【妆】【容】【衣】【着】【就】【像】【是】【一】【个】【普】【通】【的】【职】【场】【女】【性】。 【但】【这】【个】【人】【的】【突】【然】【到】【访】【和】【她】【对】【自】

  【白】【水】【坐】【在】【沙】【发】【上】【发】【呆】,【她】【和】【满】【心】【都】【有】【种】【被】【这】【层】【婚】【姻】【关】【系】【给】【压】【制】【住】【了】【的】【感】【觉】,【不】【过】【满】【心】【是】【朝】【内】,【她】【确】【是】【想】【朝】【外】,【两】【个】【人】【的】【力】【是】【互】【相】【克】【制】【的】,【终】【归】【于】【还】【是】【横】【梗】【在】【他】【们】【之】【间】【最】【原】【始】【的】【问】【题】。 “【走】【了】”【满】【心】【洗】【了】【手】,【站】【在】【门】【口】,【看】【向】【白】【水】【叫】【她】【起】【身】【走】【了】。 【白】【水】【处】【于】【游】【魂】【状】【态】,【她】【想】【撕】【裂】【自】【己】【内】【心】【的】【另】【一】【个】【自】【己】,【她】【想】【获】【得】体彩任选二开奖结果【盘】【古】【世】【界】,【灵】【山】【之】【上】,【雷】【音】【寺】【之】【中】,【盘】【坐】【在】【莲】【花】【座】【之】【上】,【凌】【驾】【在】【众】【佛】【之】【上】【的】【佛】【祖】。 【正】【在】【与】【佛】【界】【众】【佛】【讲】【佛】【道】【真】【理】,【可】【是】【突】【然】【一】【道】【可】【怕】【的】【力】【量】,【直】【接】【从】【九】【天】【之】【上】【降】【临】,【化】【为】【一】【丝】【微】【小】【力】【量】【冲】【击】【而】【下】。 【嗖】! 【无】【色】【之】【力】,【冲】【向】【佛】【祖】,【在】【座】【的】【众】【佛】,【除】【去】【佛】【祖】【之】【外】,【并】【没】【有】【其】【他】【佛】【能】【够】【看】【到】【那】【一】【丝】【无】【色】【的】【力】【量】。 “

  【随】【着】【离】【去】【的】【日】【期】【越】【来】【越】【近】,【李】【安】【全】【的】【焦】【躁】【变】【得】【越】【发】【的】【明】【显】,【就】【连】【代】【维】【都】【察】【觉】【到】【了】【他】【的】【异】【样】,【然】,【几】【番】【询】【问】,【李】【安】【全】【却】【并】【未】【道】【明】,【只】【是】【支】【吾】【作】【答】。 【终】【于】,【在】【离】【去】【前】【夕】,【李】【安】【全】【的】【焦】【躁】【在】【等】【待】【之】【中】【终】【于】【达】【到】【了】【峰】【值】,【在】【这】【一】【刻】【所】【有】【的】【焦】【躁】【都】【化】【为】【了】【一】【股】【无】【边】【的】【勇】【气】,【冲】【破】【了】【他】【对】【于】【代】【维】【的】【畏】【惧】。 【是】【夜】,【李】【安】【全】【几】【经】【犹】

  【那】【一】【株】【曼】【陀】【罗】,【不】【断】【吞】【噬】【各】【种】【大】【道】,【在】【蜕】【变】,【在】【散】【发】【着】【不】【朽】【的】【光】【辉】。 “【轰】【轰】【轰】!” 【在】【紫】【虚】【眼】【中】,【这】【一】【方】【道】【界】,【在】【不】【断】【变】【幻】【中】。 “【曼】【陀】【罗】【成】【长】【起】【来】【了】。” 【古】【仙】【青】【月】【的】【声】【音】【淡】【淡】【响】【起】,【听】【起】【来】【那】【声】【音】【无】【比】【平】【静】,【但】【紫】【虚】【知】【道】,【这】【其】【中】【蕴】【含】【着】【无】【比】【激】【动】【的】【情】【绪】。 “【是】【啊】,【成】【长】【起】【来】【了】。” 【这】【道】【界】【之】【中】

  【黑】【魔】【犀】【不】【惧】【伤】【亡】【不】【知】【害】【怕】【的】【疯】【狂】【攻】【击】【着】【拥】【有】【魔】【法】【护】【罩】【的】【要】【塞】,【而】【要】【塞】【拼】【了】【命】【的】【租】【当】。【魔】【晶】【炮】【已】【经】【发】【热】【无】【法】【在】【使】【用】,【而】【暴】【风】【弩】【因】【为】【角】【度】【关】【系】【无】【法】【攻】【击】【只】【有】【城】【头】【的】【士】【兵】【手】【持】【着】【法】【杖】【和】【手】【雷】【等】【武】【器】【在】【还】【击】。 【乌】【萨】【雷】【看】【的】【啧】【啧】【称】【奇】,【看】【来】【被】【驱】【逐】【的】【这】【几】【百】【年】【里】【人】【类】【有】【了】【长】【足】【的】【进】【步】。【蒙】【德】【催】【动】【魔】【犬】【来】【到】【他】【身】【边】【仰】【头】【喊】【道】“【乌】【萨】

  【不】【过】【这】【样】【一】【来】,【情】【况】【就】【变】【得】【更】【加】【有】【趣】【了】。 【祁】【家】【已】【经】【那】【么】【久】【没】【有】【从】【第】【一】【的】【位】【置】【上】【下】【来】【过】【了】。 【而】【这】【次】【大】【家】【也】【都】【看】【出】【来】,【轩】【辕】【家】【好】【像】【格】【外】【的】【激】【进】,【就】【好】【像】【不】【提】【高】【名】【次】【决】【不】【罢】【休】【的】【样】【子】。 【说】【白】【了】,【就】【是】【轩】【辕】【家】【这】【次】【想】【到】【第】【一】【那】【个】【位】【置】【上】【去】【了】。 【本】【以】【为】【最】【终】【角】【逐】【一】【二】【名】【的】,【会】【是】【祁】【家】【和】【轩】【辕】【家】。 【可】【这】【次】【抽】【签】【之】


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